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Jan 6, 2013 12:30pm PST
. it is not unprecedented. >> with this debt ceiling hanging over us, isn't it time to start rebuilding relationships, nina? >> there are some people who actually know how to do that left? it is not insignificant that these were older members of the senate who actually -- joe biden being a senator for a long time, they got together and they were able to hammer something out. a different kind of pork, tax benefits. it's ugly. it's sausage. in my view, there are a lf things in this that are unfortunate from a policy point of view. that is we do to make a deal and then everyone just has to get by it. the only way is to have everyone say that we're all going to stick by what we have done. >> barack obama's approaches that of ronald reagan. he does not get into specifics or bring in everyone in the room. that is not his style. joe biden fill that in. he was an independent for 36 years. he served with mitch mcconnell. it had broken down obviously between the president and the speaker of the house and the speaker could not deliver the republican membership. it was by a default. but for them, there was not a deal.
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Jan 6, 2013 3:00am PST
and three significant deadlines the end of february shall the debt ceiling battle has to take place, the beginning of march, sequester kicks in end of march and we're going to be talk as you saw with chris van holland and newly minted senator ted cruise. he's one of the people who has to vote up or down on hagel and find out what he nis about him. and his prescriptions for fixing the republican party. should the republican party trend more to moderate, a demographic shift or should conservatives retrench and stick to party ideals and we'll find out what cruz thinks the republican party stands for. >> alisyn: john, you only have an hour, i don't know how you're going to do that on a fox news sunday. >> the same way you folks do it, alisyn, talk quickly. >> clayton: kill the commercial breaks. >> alisyn: i like that. >> clayton: and by the way, go ahead, tucker, great job, good to see you on the show this morning. >> tucker: thanks, john, appreciate that. >> thanks. >> alisyn: we'll be watching. >> clayton: coming up he pointed his finger his a gun and got a six-year-old tossed out of
Jan 6, 2013 6:00am PST
cuts certain in spending. you will not raise the debt ceiling. >> i'm not going to borrow trillions more dollars without a plan to get out of debt, and one last thing about afghanistan. if we don't get this right, the place falls apart and all those who helped us get killed and the taliban come back and it becomes a safe haven for al qaeda, that's the worst possible signal to send to pakistan and iran. we fought too long and too hard. we can get this right. please, mr. president, listen to your commanders. let's end the war well in afghanistan. let's do immigration reform in 2013. let's start saving social security and medicare from bankruptcy. i want you to have an historic presidency. i'm willing to work with you. it's going to take effort on your part as well as mine. >> and one last thing, since we're kind of going back a little. you sound very much as though you have made up your mind to vote no regardless of whether you would filibuster on senator hagel, correct? >> well, i think the hearings will matter, but i'm very inclined not to support him based on his antagonistic appro
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Jan 6, 2013 11:00am PST
apart like we all thought it would and the only scheduled cuts that were supposed to take place we just suspended them five days ago in the fiscal cliff deal. we have yet to cut one dime from the last debt ceiling agreement and now here it is time to do it again. we got to stop the madness. this is the 18-year-old kid on the credit card and they maxed out the credit card. instead of cutting it up and putting them on a budget barack obama says give us a new credit card and by the way, harry reid you don't have to pass a budget in three years. this is crazy. >> would you support this year letting the debt ceiling deadline last? >> what i won't support is not dealing with the problem. americans sent us here to deal with the problem. the way this town works this fiscal cliff deal the only winners in the fiscal cliff deal were washington. they got more money. the folks i represent in the fourth district of ohio they lost revenue, small business owners had money taken from them. washington always wins and the politicians and consultants and folks here always win. 7 of the 10 wealthiest counti
Jan 6, 2013 5:00am PST
partisan and all the data shows increasing polaration and the debt ceiling fight and domestic policy and the violence against women act totally bipartisan pieces of legislation left to die over partisan obstruction. once you turn your attention to the national security area and civil liberties and things like that it's been a bipartisan enterprise. a lot of legislation has come out of the congress not passed by 61 or 62 but 85 or 90 reasons. and this is an area, there was something you were going to say before we got to break and i rudely interrupted you. >> i have to respond to the point that fear is sort of used as a way to push these things through and i think that, yes, i think sometimes fear is used as a way to get what people in the executive or people in congress want to do anyway. but i actually, i take them at their word. i think dianne feinstein is very worried about another terrorist attack. genuinely believe that. it often comes from a place of again win concern about security. what's missing from this picture -- what i was going to say is what's missing from this picture
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)